E-commerce Security for Custom CMS

E-commerce Security for Custom CMS

E-commerce sites are increasingly popular globally for their wide range of functions and increased customer engagement. This shift from physical to digital has led to the dominance of content management systems in the market, offering various advantages. Investing in the appropriate CMS can accelerate business growth and expansion, presenting a profitable opportunity.

However, you need to remember the future challenges and security issues that may arise while selecting the right CMS. We recommend you read this article to understand E-commerce Security for Custom CMS in-depth.

Proven Tips & Tricks on E-commerce Security for Custom CMS

One of the major pitfalls of choosing the right content management system is its security. However, you will understand how we will convert those pitfalls into opportunities from the following descriptive points:

Picking Out the Best CMS

The initial tip for making your e-commerce security for CMS is choosing whether you prefer custom CMS or other platforms. In this case, we recommend you consider the below key factors:


When choosing the right CMS, cost plays a big role. It determines the financial ability of a businessman and how much he can afford to build an e-commerce site from the right CMS. Then again, the security also depends on this investment issue which becomes costly if it gets tightened.

Technical Skills

If you are planning an e-commerce site with a custom CMS, it's better to analyze your workforce's technical capability. This will help you understand the functionalities you need to make your CMS look productive.

Design Preferences

A detailed knowledge of information architecture should be the priority when choosing the right CMS for e-commerce. This will also ensure security in the face of future issues.

Security Requirements

It is a well-known fact that custom CMS offers more security than open-source CMS due to its structured framework. This is why most e-commerce owners enjoy adopting custom content management systems for their growth.

Scalability Needs

You might not know that the most popular e-commerce websites usually use custom CMS. It's because they understand that developing a reliable and scalable solution is challenging with pre-built (open-source) solutions.

Available Plugins & Extensions

Pre-built plugins and extensions are available on various off-the-shelf platforms. On the other hand, you need to build these from scratch on a custom CMS which is time-consuming. However, it will enhance your e-commerce security as it effectively restricts potential breaches.

Seamless UI

An e-commerce website should prioritize providing a user-friendly shopping experience. This can only be done perfectly with the help of a custom content management system. You will feel the difference when you launch your e-commerce site equipped with customized elements aimed at improving user experience.

Regular Backup

Another important aspect of e-commerce security for custom CMS is effective backup. This process ensures that all the user-related and other important data have a safe storage facility, in case anything happens to the CMS server. Some key actions here are, selecting a backup method, performing routine backups, maintaining multiple locations for backup data storage, preserving backups for a fair period, and restoring the facility for backups when required. Testing the backup is also a crucial part of this task. Lastly, you will find many tools online to simplify this backup process.

Appropriate Coding Standard

High-quality, clean code is essential for easy comprehension, scalability, and long-term upkeep. It facilitates reviews and reduces maintenance needs. Implementing coding standards is crucial to enhance e-commerce security in custom content management systems. These standards promote consistent rules worldwide, ensuring all developers adhere to the same guidelines. The aim is to present the code as if it was written by one developer in a single session, resulting in an error-free, bug-free, and conflict-free e-commerce website.

Staging Site 

Another important thing you should not forget about is setting up a staging site for your e-commerce security to test its efficiency. The staging site acts as a copy of your live site or an upgraded one where you can easily and safely test various changes before making your site live. This site also helps you with site migration. Few tools can help you easily create, manage, and operate your staging site. In addition, regular syncing with your live site will ensure that every function stays updated.

Enhancing Site Performance

Elevating site performance is another crucial task to improve e-commerce security for custom CMS. This is directly related to your site’s performance optimization, which affects many things like conversion rate, SEO ranking, or user experience. There are a few other ways to increase the website's overall performance, such as lowering page loading time, increasing site speed, and enhancing security. Moreover, you can boost your e-commerce CMS security by enhancing performance through compression, caching, and minification.

Proper Testing

The security feature is a must to protect your e-commerce site from phishing, bad bots, spamming, or other financial frauds. A thorough testing of your e-commerce custom CMS will give you a glimpse at how the site functions regarding authenticity, privacy, and integrity. Additionally, your developers will be able to detect potential errors or harmful issues arising from running the site live. This testing can also be done on various screen sizes, browsers, or devices. Lastly, you should test your site’s functionality from the customer’s perspective by thoroughly checking the search, cart, and payment options.

Limiting Customization

Although a custom content management system offers many options for massive customization, it is encouraged to limit this for e-commerce security. It is wiser for you to create a unique set of features for your website within a limited plan. This will enhance security and give you an edge over your competitors.

How Glossy IT Can Help You With E-commerce Security For Custom CMS? (H2)

As a business owner, you may face numerous challenges while developing your e-commerce CMS. As a result, you may need the necessary consultations and assistance to move forward swiftly. At Glossy IT, our team of skilled professionals is ready to serve you with the best possible services on this issue. You can easily rely on them as they are capable enough to provide all kinds of tech support for e-commerce CMS. 

Feel free to give us a shout to know more as E-Commerce Development Service is our top priority.


If you need a unique e-commerce site, a custom CMS may be your ideal choice. However, it requires extensive security functionalities which are complicated at times. As a whole, you must be aware of those future issues for effective resolution. Eventually, we recommend you take proper consultation to increase your brand value and user experience.


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