Core Team of Glossy IT

<a href=staffs/varunika-mollick>Varunika Mollick</a>
Varunika MollickChairwoman
<a href=/about/simsan-mallick>Simsan Mallick</a>
Simsan MallickManaging Director
<a href=/staffs/zarafat-islam>Zarafat Islam</a>
Zarafat IslamExecutive Director
<a href=about/imran-hossain>Imran Hossain</a>
Imran HossainSr. Web Developer & Branch Manager
<a href=/staffs/khalid-hasan>Khalid Hasan</a>
Khalid HasanJr. Web Developer
<a href=staffs/shahidul-islam-sojib>Shahidul Islam Sojib</a>
Shahidul Islam SojibExecutive (Web & SEO)
<a href=staffs/shirina-khatun>Shirina Khatun</a>
Shirina KhatunBusiness Manager (Digital Content)
<a href=/about/tarikul-islam>Tarikul Islam</a>
Tarikul IslamVideo Editor & Graphic Designer
<a href=/about/sumon-ali>Sumon Ali</a>
Sumon AliSr. Executive (Digital Content)
<a href=/staffs/ujjal-ali>Ujjal Ali</a>
Ujjal AliExecutive (Digital Content)
<a href=/staffs/israt-jahan>Israt Jahan</a>
Israt JahanJr. Executive (Digital Content)
<a href=/staffs/sumon>Sumon Ali</a>
Sumon AliOffice Assistant
<a href=/staffs/romjan-ali>Romjan Ali</a>
Romjan AliSupport Staff

Member of BASIS


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Saturday: 9:00AM–5:00PM
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Monday: 9:00AM–5:00PM
Tuesday: 9:00AM–5:00PM
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Thursday: 9:00AM–5:00PM
Friday: Closed