Our story- GIT

The Glorious Story of Glossy IT

Could you share the unique journey and story of Glossy IT, highlighting key turning points and experiences that set your company apart?

Answer: Glossy IT is a B2B agency-focused business with a diverse range of services encompassing Website Development, Web and Mobile Application Development, Software Development, SEO, Audio-Video Editing, and more, offering an all-in-one package.


The Birth of a Concept: Bangladesh Tech
(www.bangladeshtech.com) (2011)


Can you describe "BangladeshTech"? What was its primary purpose?

"BangladeshTech" was initially born when Simsan Mallick began his journey as a freelance Web Developer working with Joomla, WordPress, JS, and php. As a virtual company, it operated with a remote team named "BangladeshTech." Simsan's collaboration with this remote team allowed him to establish a strong working relationship and build trust with clients. 

The quality of work and the demand for their services grew significantly over time, prompting Simsan to transform the venture into a full-fledged company aptly named "BangladeshTech." Throughout this evolution, Simsan engaged with various professionals on a project basis, leveraging the benefits of remote hiring to expand the team and effectively meet client requirements. 

This pivotal transition from a freelancer to the founder of BangladeshTech marked the start of an impressive journey in the field of information technology as Glossy IT.