Web Design & Development

We create stunning, multi-device-friendly websites.

eCommerce & POS Software

We build online stores and integrate with any POS/Inventory software.

Photo & Video

We provide Photography, Videography & Editing services.

Graphic Design

We design logos, branding, banners, and business cards.

Domain & Web Hosting

We offer Web Hosting & Domain Registration services.
Glossy IT is a Global Web Development Company

About Us

Global IT Solutions Provider
Glossy IT is a trusted global provider of IT solutions and services, including web design and development, graphic design, branding, video and photo editing, and digital platform services. With 13+ years of experience and a client base of 1250+ businesses worldwide, we offer innovative, cost-effective solutions to meet our client’s requirements.

Diverse Clientele
Our clients span diverse industries and geographies, including the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand. We've successfully partnered with digital publishers, retailers, healthcare providers, travel and tourism companies, and online brands to drive business growth and achieve goals.

Prioritizing Long-term Partnerships
We prioritize building long-term partnerships with clients, working closely with them to understand unique requirements and objectives. We leverage cutting-edge tech and best practices to deliver customized solutions, improving business outcomes and customer satisfaction.

Looking for a reliable IT solutions provider? Choose Glossy IT. 
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Main Services

GlossyIT Provides Diverse Solutions For Web, Design, and Apps.
Check Out The Services We Offer.

Software Development

Transform your business with our customized and innovative software for improved outcomes.

Web Application Development

Innovative Web application Development for your unique needs to enhance your business growth and user experience.

Mobile Apps Development

GlossyIT's Mobile App Expertise Unleashes Potential, Transforms Connections, Elevates User Experiences.

Web Design & Development

Master the Web with our Design & Development Services Shaping the Future of your Digital Presence.

e-Commerce Development

Unmatched Success, Thriving Experiences, and Seamless Shopping with GlossyIT’s e-commerce Development Solutions.

Document Digitalization

Boost Efficiency, Streamline Operations, and Accelerate Performance! with our Document Digitalization Service.

Graphic Design

Elevates Your Brand, Ignites Visual Identity, and Delivers Unforgettable Impact with our Graphic Design Solutions.

Video Editing

We Deliver Cinematic Excellence, Engaging Content, and Unforgettable Visual Storytelling with Video Editing.

Photo Editing

GlossyIT's Photo Editing Services Transform Your Images into Stunning Visuals.
GlossyIT is a trusted global provider of innovative IT solutions with 13+ years of experience, prioritizing long-term partnerships with 1250+ diverse clients worldwide.


Office Hours

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