Exploring Joomla Templates for Dynamic Website Design

Exploring Joomla Templates for Dynamic Website Design

Joomla is a popular CMS used for building websites and online applications, offering themes known as templates. These templates control the layout, design, and functionality of a Joomla site. Users can choose from various templates in the Joomla Extensions Directory (JED) or create custom ones. 

Templates consist of HTML, CSS, PHP, and sometimes JavaScript elements for interactivity, organizing content and styling headers, footers, menus, etc. They are essential for shaping the visual appearance and user experience of Joomla websites.

In this article, we will discuss about how templates can assist in creating impressive websites that convey your brand, interact with users, and accomplish your goals, whether it's for a personal blog, a business site, an online store, or any other web presence.

Exploring The Types Of Joomla Templates

In general, Joomla uses two types of templates - front-end templates and back-end templates. When users visit your site, they see the front-end templates. Joomla administrators can only see the back-end templates. Both these templates use almost similar kinds of elements, such as components, menus, categories, plugins, articles, template managers, and so on.

Joomla templates are not only responsible for changing the site design but also have the capability of changing the administrative dashboards in a fully customized manner. Now, let’s explore the different types of Joomla templates: 

Front-End Templates 

Front-end templates can change how readers view a website. Joomla offers two default templates: Beez3 and Protostar. Protostar is the initial template for new Joomla websites, suitable for basic sites. Third-party themes cater to different website needs. Joomla allows using different templates for various menu items, but it is recommended to stick with one template for the entire website for easier customization.

Back-End Templates 

Back-end templates are less common than front-end ones and usually not modified. Isis and Hathor are the two back-end templates in Joomla. Isis is for beginners, while Hathor is for advanced users, but not suitable for color-blind individuals.

Factors Concerned Before Selecting the Right Joomla Template 

Customization Option 

Choosing a Joomla template with the most customization options is always the preferable option. For instance, you can select the template with many module placements you desire for better customization. By doing so, you will be able to provide your targeted users with a unique user experience.


To get help with installing Joomla templates, you can use tutorials and support options within Joomla. However, we recommend you take expert help from any recognized Joomla developers or firm like GlossyIT for long-term sustainability.  

Documentation Facility 

Joomla has user-friendly documentation for users to see details of each update. You may need to refer to guides to understand new features. It is important to check if documentation with templates and changes is available.


Joomla is constantly adding new features and addressing bugs in the released version. They continuously provide users with fresh updates and update their system. To guarantee that your template works with the most recent Joomla releases, make sure your template provider publishes changes for the templates as well.

Compatibility & Responsiveness 

You should be careful on choosing your Joomla template in terms of mobile responsiveness and ease of use on different browsers. This will give you priority in fulfilling targeted user satisfaction and attracting search engines for better ranking.

Easy Steps for Setting Up Joomla Templates 

A Joomla template manages the appearance of your website while freeing up the site admin to concentrate more on the content itself. To control templates installed on your site, Effective management of installed templates on your site can be performed, only if you log in to the administration dashboard. Then you need to go to the Extensions, then Templates.

To make things easier you can do the following:

  1. Make use of one of the Joomla template options from the dashboard.

  2. Get one of the numerous free downloads available on the Internet.

  3. If your requirements cannot be satisfied in any other manner, pay to have one made from scratch or modified.

However, a few advanced-level Joomla Template installation steps are the following:

Organizing the Default Template 

You can identify the default template for the front-end area easily as it is designated with a star mark. You need to click the Default button after checking the box next to the template you want to use, and eventually, this will alter the default template. See the following for a detailed understanding:

The above toolbar comprises the following options:


At this point, you should select the template pages you want to modify and make changes. 


Here, you can copy an already-established template for further customization.


From this option, you can omit any template and its components. 


If you want to help yourself then it's wiser for you to read this part as this one offers the support documents.


Here you have the freedom to modify the Joomla template settings as per your requirements. 

Templates Installation 

With Joomla’s extension manager, you can easily install packaged templates. A few other options available for you are:

  • Install from Web- Here you can choose any extension from the Joomla extension library.

  • Install from Folder- Here you can insert the path to the package destination on your server.

  • Uploading Package File- You can choose any package for future storage on your PC.

  • Installing from URL- Here you can add the package location’s URL on an external site.

Why Do You Need Glossy IT for Choosing the Right Joomla Template?

Customizing any Joomla website needs to get started with choosing the right template. For your template selection or site upgrade, Glossy IT’s expert Joomla developer team is ready to serve you with the best solution. You can sit back and relax while our experienced team handles all your Joomla Template Activities. Therefore, give us a shout to check in details on our Joomla Development Services.    

Final Verdict 

Choosing the right Joomla template and service provider is crucial for the success of your website. From website development to website redesign, you need to go through a complex set of processes for the site’s growth and development. As a result, you need to put greater effort into finalizing the appropriate Joomla template.


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