The Power of WordPress Plugins

The Power of WordPress Plugins

Did you know why WordPress is the most popular CMS software in the world? Well, it's not only for its easy access but also for its plethora of offerings on different plugins. Needless to say, these plugins are the backbone for WordPress for its peak position in the market. From the sidebar to a membership site, you can find any type of plugin for WordPress with the option for highly customizable extensions.

The Power of WordPress Plugins relies on combining three major aspects: performance optimization, new feature addition, and security improvement. Using any type of plugin for your site will help you boost the ranking and the overall content performance on any search engine result page.

Now, let's look at how the plugins can help you with developing a stunning WordPress website

WordPress can offer a huge potential for an enthusiast who loves self-customization, modification, and overall sustainable performance with a standard feature. To begin with how you can achieve these things in a single shot, we need to focus on the following aspects:

Usage of Conventional WordPress Plugins

Customization and proper functionality are the two most important factors in optimizing your WordPress website. Numerous plugins can be found online nowadays, that are being extensively used by many professionals for maintaining those factors.

Conventional plugins are the tools for making things better for website optimizations and achieving accurate functionalities. These can be categorized into three major types - features, security, and performance. By adding relevant plugins, you can expect an overall rise in the performance of your web pages and also face fewer challenges in your page loading time.

If you are still confused about how to deal with it, then we are here to clear the air.


You can add a specialized plugin like a contact form which will enable you to give easy access to your visitors to complete their queries without having to put a lot of personal information on your pages. By doing so, they will be less security concerned and retain a good impression about your site. With proper utilization of this ‘Feature’ you can expect a good amount of traffic and higher ranking as well.


Making the users feel secure is a challenging task for any web developer. However, it is now becoming increasingly popular to do so by using different types of antivirus plugins on your sites.

With these plugins, your site’s overall security attributes will be regularly investigated and you will receive continuous updates on harmful activities happening inside your website from time to time.


Thirdly, the page loading time of your site might make your users get annoyed which is also very crucial for search engine ranking. To avoid this, you need to use a variety of optimization plugins like WP Rocket or NitroPack to decrease database loading time and thus improve the total site performance. 

Types of WordPress Plugins: Free and Paid

As of now, you may have understood how WordPress plugins can be helpful and their nature of actions. But do you know that you can use plenty of free and paid plugins to choose from? 

Free Plugins

WordPress is widely popular for its wide amount of countless free plugins. Bloggers, developers, business people, and even celebrities have been relying on this platform for more than decades as a result of this offering.

Sometimes you might be cautious about your budget which lets you think of installing a free version of your favorite plugins from your WP dashboard. Experts also recommend that beginners should decorate their sites with free plugins because they are more prone to fall into risks while developing their websites initially. 

Paid Plugins

If you are an experienced developer or have no problem with budget, then it will be wiser and more sustainable for you to use the paid version of your preferred WordPress plugins.

One great advantage of a paid plugin a user can have is the freedom of using diversified options from their favorite plugins. This will also enable you to develop an eye-catching website that offers not only stunning content but also mesmerizing user experience.

The Power of WordPress Plugins, in reality, lies in its ability to offer the users numerous options that they can think of for solving any issue they might be facing.

Social Media and E-commerce Integration

You can get the best out of your WordPress site by installing bona fide social media and e-commerce-related plugins. With this integration, you and your users will enjoy a lot of facilities in no time. 

Social Media Plugins

Decorate your website with your popular and trending social media posts by simply installing relevant plugins like Juicer, Jetpack, or Buffer. By doing so, users will get the sweet taste of integration and you will be rewarded with greater value for your posts. 

Engaging web users through social media content will also power the visibility and provide more traffic to your site.

As a website owner, you can create a hassle-free user experience with the addition of these plugins or social media buttons.   

E-commerce Plugins

E-commerce plugins are becoming popular in WordPress nowadays. You can smarten up your website by adding specialized commercial plugins like WooCommerce which will commercialize your site’s authenticity with greater value. 

WooCommerce plugins will create a system with which you can add necessary features like carts, wish lists, suggestions, reviews, payment gateways, delivery options, discount offers, product search tabs, and so on.

Methods for Installing Your Favorite Plugins

The Power of WordPress Plugins lies in their ability to be installed in easier ways. One way is using the WordPress dashboard, which can provide you with the required support and features to drag and drop the plugins during the installation phase for free and paid versions. 

Another spectacular way for you might be the use of an FTP transfer system. With this feature, you can simply extract the plugin zip file and upload it to the FTP server. Then activate it in your WordPress site easily. 

Make Your Plugins Super Responsive With Glossy IT

Now you know that installing and activating different plugins are not much complex tasks. However, there still exists a lot of tips and tricks to optimize your installed plugins for better response. At Glossy IT, our team of expert WordPress developers has been working with clients all over Europe and North America to maximize their site’s overall plugin performances.

Quality over quantity is our motto, bringing us where we are today. You can sit back and relax, giving us the charge to develop your WordPress site. We use a range of the latest and most secure plugins to safeguard you from any security breach and rank higher on search engines. Contact us to learn more about our WordPress Plugin Development services.

Final Verdict

Now you understand the Power of WordPress Plugins from this article and how they are influencing the overall performance of any WordPress site globally. Instead of using free plugins, we recommend you to use the paid versions which would definitely resolve issues regarding compatibility. Last but not least, with proper development and use of the right plugins, you can fly above the rest online which will bring you popularity and profit at the same time.